Our Training Philosophy

We believe that individuals learn best when provided a safe training environment, appropriate information, time for incubation of new ideas, and interaction to practice skills.  We strongly believe that learning can, and should be, enjoyable!

Different individuals learn differently.  Our programs are designed to successfully engage visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners.  We believe that individuals learn from experience and our training programs provide participants with opportunities to digest new skills and apply those skills to relevant situations.

Our training programs enhance motivation, facilitate discussion, and foster a collaborative approach to solving problems and utilizing skills.  Interactive learning is a hallmark of our training sessions and can take the form of group discussions, small group exercises, individual skills practice and customized role plays.  A team approach is used to analyze selected exercises/role plays and to illustrate key concepts.  Important concepts are often highlighted with multimedia presentations.  A participant’s manual, with an outline of the presentation and room for personal notes accompanies most of the training programs.  Included in the manual are suggestions for continued practice and learning, as well as an extensive bibliography.

All of our courses can be customized to provide the skills and information that you and your organization require for your target audience.  The format of the programs are designed to accommodate your needs.

We look forward to sharing many learning experiences with you.